Jason Vale Official… is Official!

Jason Vale Official… is Official!

Ok, so I am a little late to the blog and vlog party, but better late than never!

I have been asked for years if I would do regular blogs and vlogs , but always resisted due to time restraints. However, as my new Jason Vale Official website goes live, I thought I’d include a blog section where people can keep up to date with my latest rants and opinions on what’s going on in the world of health. I will also be doing the odd vlog or two, when the mood or general outrage over something inspires me to do so!

I have always been quite outspoken, especially on the subjects of health, fitness, nutrition, and addiction, and I am more than aware (and fully appreciate), that I am not everyone’s cup of tea! However, in this new blog I intend to really get stuff off my chest. It’s not always going to be pretty and clearly, many won’t always agree with what I am saying either, but such is life and the freedom of speech. Having said that, I feel many will be pleased that I am bringing an alternative, and at times, controversial voice, to the health/disease/diet/fitness/addiction arena.

There is a lot of talk right now, especially during the election, surrounding the underfunding of the NHS (The National Health Service in the UK). It is easy for most to jump into anger mode at politicians and scream that they aren’t doing enough and all that’s needed is more money. I fundamentally disagree with this extremely common opinion and believe we all, not just politicians, need to do what we can to help the NHS.

‘Ask Not What The NHS Can Do For You, But What YOU Can Do For The NHS’

In what will be my first blog post, entitled ‘Ask Not What The NHS Can Do For You, But What YOU Can Do For The NHS’, I’ll be taking a very long look at who is ultimately responsible for the ‘broken NHS’ and what we all need to do, as a collective, to try and fix it and make it work – as intended.

I say, ‘as intended’ because when the NHS was first made available, it was very clear what it was set up to do, who it was intended to help and what treatment it could offer. Today seemingly almost anything can be got on the NHS and I feel it’s our collective responsibility, along with the politicians, to start doing what we can to remove some of the burden on this wonderful institution. This starts with taking some responsibility for our own health, some responsibility for what we can and are willing to pay for outside of the NHS (if able) and, moreover, for recognising that some things just plain and simply shouldn’t be funded by the NHS.

We are in a situation where much needed cancer drugs are refused by NICE (The National Institute For Health & Care of Excellence) and the NHS due to expense, while at the same people are getting ‘luxury’ treatments costing thousands of pounds for free. I will go into what I view as ‘luxury’ treatments in the full blog and yes, it will rustle a few feathers, but I think a huge paradigm shift is needed in how the NHS is run. We also need a huge re-evaluation of what should and should not be available on the NHS. The sheer scope of treatments has risen to include a plethora of things which clearly should be paid for by the individuals themselves. Things that aren’t medical emergencies, nor genuine preventers of future disease (and trust me, there are plenty!). On top of this, we have BIG PHARMA manipulating medical drug studies in order to flood the NHS ‘market’ for huge financial gain. Tamiflu is just one example, and I will talk further in my blog about how millions of pounds of NHS money was needlessly spent on this drug and many others. The NHS is perhaps the biggest ‘customer’ of all for BIG PHARMA and if they can convince the right people why their drug is absolutely necessary, BINGO! – they’ve hit the big government money jack pot.

Anyway, that’s all for now and I hope this gives you a taste of what I wish my blog to be about. In the meantime, I hope you like the new small and simple website and that you get involved with my blog and any debate which may (no, WILL) arise from it!

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  1. Thanks… Looking forward to reading you entries.

  2. Well done there will be a lot you can help

  3. Love it, help us to see from a different wider perspective.

  4. I can’t wait for more – sounds juicy 😉

  5. Really excited about this Jason. I am an acupuncturist and craniosacral therapist and firmly believe in everyone taking responsibility for their health and fitness so can’t wait to read what you have to say

  6. Cannot wait to see the full blog on the NHS!

  7. True, there are lots of drugs we could buy for ourselves to enable the NHS to provide the lifesaving drugs. But is not just that, it’s the people who ignore following doctors advice and carry on eating unhealthily. Causing a whole plethora of conditions and diseases. I think we all have total more responsibility for our own bodies and not just expect a pill to be a cure all. I really get annoyed about hearing stories of the girl who,s doctor enable her to get a breast enhancement, followed by a nose job and tummy tuck. Because she wanted to be a model. All at the tax payers expence.


  9. I’m a nurse and I quite agree with you . People generally should take much more responsibility for their own health and realise that the NHS is not there to Patch them up

  10. As above

  11. I totally agree with you on this topic. Time to stop blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility for our health. Often in supermarkets you see overweight people and when yo u look at their trolleys they are full of ready made meals, unhealthy snacks and drinks and no fruit or veg.
    Throwing money at the NHS is not the answer, too many pen pushers and not enough to frontline staff. The really need to go back to basics, look how efficient it was when Matrons were in charge. Also I agree that the luxury treatments need to be stopped.

  12. I dont live in England but here in South Africa medical aids are abused and that is why medical aids are so expensive.
    I am looking forward to hearing more.
    As individuals we do need to take responsibility for our health and to stop abusing medical schemes.

  13. Great post Jason. Did you ever read Dr Peter Mansfield’s book about setting up a real health centre? He called the NHS the National Sickness Service, because he didn’t think we were addressing the real issues. And I feel that we have become a nation of people expecting to be fixed, while at the same time, causing the illness through not taking responsibility for our own health.
    My own experience of using breathwork and diet has been that I haven’t been ill for 30 years. I don’t like being ill, and I take full credit for my success! All the best with your opinionated blogging. Sitting on the fence never got things moving.
    Catherine Holland.

  14. Here here. Absolutely agree! And what a great mantra this makes to get people to take some responsibility for their own health. Next time I hear anyone moaning about the NHS blah blah, I’m going to use this. This is VERY powerful. This needs to go viral. Love it. Going to Juicy Oasis on 1 July – can’t wait!! Maybe see you there 🙂

  15. You are simply….Right

  16. So true! I am an NHS nurse and could not agree more! So many people dont even make the link that their poor health is as a result of their poor diet and poor lifestyle choices. People need educating more on basic food and nutrition. Diabetes and obesity cripples the NHS and are just some of the conditions which can be controlled or prevented. I dont know if its lack of education, or laziness? Maybe both. Its time people started taking responsibility for their own health. If such services werent free on the nhs maybe it would kickstart people into looking after themselves better.

  17. If the government wants to solve the NHS funding crisis, perhaps they should subsidise organic farming so that it becomes the cheapest way to eat… the improvements in health would reap massive savings in NHS expenditure!

  18. Excellent, I look forward to hearing more from you about this Jason?

  19. ‘On the money’, as usual. Thanks, Jason .

  20. Yes, Jason – I totally agree! As a healthcare professional myself – and having previously worked in the NHS – I know how much money is wasted – and it would be VERY easy with some very simple changes to save a lot of money – and that is just on the administrative side. I, like yourself, suffered with chronic Psoriasis – until I went to Juicy Oasis. Too many times it is the symptoms being treated and not the cause. Why doesn’t the medical profession recognise food as such a health benefit. If someone had just believed me about food affecting my skin – I would not have suffered years of bullying and verbal abuse from the age of 5. Most Doctors I spoke to asking to be intolerance tested told me ‘food has nothing to do with it’ – aaaagh! We, as healthcare professionals, struggle with the psycho-social aspects of education – main people over-eat due to emotional struggles, many cannot get over the word ‘diet’ – when ‘healthy eating’ seems a much more acceptable phrase. I was fascinated by the programme ‘The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs’ – brilliant! Again, this is more focused on treating the person as a whole being. People should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own health – but, when I wanted to discuss food as a cause – I was told I was talking rubbish by a Consultant Dermatologist. I’ve always refused steroids, drugs such as methotrexate, PUVA works – for the time it is given – but then, once the treatment stops – it came back with a vengeance. Now, my skin is the best it has ever been – if only someone had listened and worked with me instead of against me – my life would have been so different (not that my life is bad – I’m having a great time – but a life without bullying would have been amazing!)

  21. HEY…it never too late…happy to read you and keep inspiring us…love watching you cause you bring joy in this sometime sad world..

  22. This is awesome Jason and just what we need to hear right now. There is so much anger and blame at politicians, everyone is going completely insane!. We need reforms in the NHS and in the Social Security handouts system. Bring it on Jason!

  23. Well Jason ….about bl…y time that someone does what you do , and with someone I mean a person that is visible in the world already , someone who genuinely wants to encourage and or help people to take some Self responsibility for their own health . That is mentally , physically , emotionally and spiritually , all of which are connected with what we do with our body , as in what food we put in our body to support our health on all those 4 levels mentioned for instance , connected with some form of exercises ie again on all 4 levels . Thankfully there are people like that around now a days , you being one of them Jason .
    Being known in the media does help to get the words about and around the country , and the world ….
    Thank you for freely admitting that you will have the odd , very necessary rant needed to shake up the way many people see the NHS …. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I’d vote for you Jason!

    The FMTV series ‘The Truth About Cancer’ is a real eye-opener. The first episode sheds light on why so many people, including doctors, believe that man-made chemicals are the answer to health problems – and it has little to do with their efficacy and a lot to do with profit! A very disturbing series of films that I’d love every doctor to watch – along with the Superjuice Me Documentary of course. The truth – and evidence – is out there , just need people to be aware of it.

    Missing Juicy O so much – hope to re-visit in 2018! x

  25. Totally agree with you Jason, I have been saying this for years. Maybe if people had to pay for eg medication for type 2 diabetes they would actually change their diet and reverse their diabetes saving the NHS millions and making themselves feel better into the bargain. Sadly most of the doctors prescribing these drugs don’t seem to know that the disease can be reversed with the right food intake.

  26. Brilliant Jason, can’t wait and I’m imagining that I will be agreeing with you!!! I’m extremely proactive in my own health care. You and juicing helped me turned my life and health around a few years ago. Currently doing a juicy reboot as I love feeling so well, my aim is to be the best version of me that I can be. Bring on the blog 🙂 Juicy thanks, Gwen x

  27. Excellent ! Can`t wait !!!

  28. Look forward to it!

  29. As a fan of juicing (though still nowhere as committed to it as I should be but always trying!!) as well as being a sister in a very busy, stressful and often over crowded Emergency Department I can’t wait to read your blog….I have a feeling it will say what many of us think but can’t say out loud in this very PC world!

  30. Completely agree and looking forward to the next instalment

  31. Hi Jason,
    Loving the new website, it’s fab!
    What I want to know is, are you really jumping that high or is it photo trickery?!
    (If you’re really jumping like that, tell me what juice you were on LOL!!)
    Pippy x

  32. Yes! People need to stop pointing the finger at governments for their ailments and become responsible for their health. On the other hand, government has failed to properly educate and protect the health of its citizens. Cutting back on unreasonable health care is necessary, but most important, is the need to educate human beings about nutritional health. That is mandatory. Governement institutions have allowed toxic foods and drinks to reach the market through weakened policies. Policies need to be revised to eliminate stakeholders from participating in the government business. As it stands now, as much as 60% of products in grocery stores lead to illness. Citizense need to be educated about nutrition at the institution level, period. Nutrition, is a complex science. Nutritional therapy is perhaps the best introductory course and one that would be most beneficial to human kind. Furthermore, only government money should fund education, not stakeholders.
    Education is not a business, it’s a fundamental necessity for the creation of intelligent, peaceful societies.

  33. Fantastic news! Cannot wait!!

  34. And the perfect place to refute those ill-informed “health” articles that appear in the Daily Mail every few weeks!

  35. Thank you Jason–couldn’t agree more. My personal experience is that, for the past 6 years while on a healthy food plan (including all organic, fresh, non-gmo food and intermittent fasting and juicing) my medical appts have dwindled to once or twice per year–when I ask my primary care physician for things like orders for new exercise regimens! In fact, instead of seeing me when I’m ill, she sees me when I am healthy and robust–and is happy to support my program. I am 65 and was diagnosed with MS 27 years ago–and am on absolutely NO prescription drugs. I truly believe that our health is our personal responsibility–and our medical system should be saved for life-threatening interventions. And let’s cut BIG PHARMA out of the picture entirely.

  36. I do agree with a lot of what you are saying here. I think people who spend time looking after their bodies e.g. With diet, exercise and other stress reliving practices…do save the NHS a lot of money.. It’s hard to see sometimes how this can be managed when the Free at Point of Access is an important part… However …. when people deliberately do things ..like drinking themselves stupid…and end up in A&E should be sent the bill..

  37. Oh boy, how I agree! I cost the NHS a fortune in tests, scans, innumerable visits etc over 2 years. Then I got Superjuiced and walked away from the NHS and all drugs. That was 4 years ago and I’m still running (literally) on juice and healthy food. I’m a 71 year old teenager!! Keep up the good work Jason – I, like many other people am the proof that your dead right!

  38. Thank-you for the opportunity, but it is a case of “Don’t get me started”.
    I trained and worked within the NHS, now retired and the sheer greed and selfishness apparent today with lack of discipline and no respect for others or even material possessions – it is so sad. A smile id rare. Your world is different.

  39. Looking forward to reading the full post and welcome to te blogting world! 👏🏻👌🏻😊

  40. Uh-oh *the blogging world!’ 😄

  41. Sounds great – I get ranty about this subject 👍😀

  42. Go Jas👍
    If all the overweight people and people with autoimmune disease where sent to juicy o by the NHS for 28 days the NHS would save zillions !

  43. As someone who also believes the NHS needs to change, can’t wait to hear your views.

  44. Well Done.!!! Thoroughly agree.
    Irish Juicer.

  45. Hi Thoroughly Agree.
    Thank You.

  46. Well said, totally agree. I’ve been saying this for years!! Politicians do not want to hear this message, however, as they know it won’t be popular with so many of their voters!

  47. Good job Jason, can’t wait to hear the rest.
    Glad that someone with a voice makes sense😉👍

  48. Fab idea I’m a great supporter of you Jason you’ve changed my life for the better and I’m really looking forward to reading your bloggs 😃

  49. I couldn’t agree with you more Jason, especially when it comes to taking responsibility for your own health. We are all well aware by now what processed food, sugar, gluten, dairy, GMOs etc… are doing to our bodies and yet we continue to consume it in large quantities and expect the NHS to pick up the health bill. There is much that needs to change, Doctors need to take responsibility and learn more about the importance of good nutrition and how natural therapies can be explored before recommending any drugs. The NHS complain about the lack of funding and yet provide nutrient poor food to the sick, their vending machines are full of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks, all food that feeds chronic disease, I for one believe they cannot be seen to advocate this type of food it is utter madness. They report on the increase of many diseases but what effective action are they taking to really prevent them. Even big Charity’s such as Cancer UK provide nutrient poor food at their events and coffee mornings, where is the education here. Education is key, my friend cured herself of stage 3 cancer in just seven months by turning to all things natural, juicing, supplementation and eating a raw diet and there are many others who have achieved the same thing, imagine the savings to be made here! But the doctors tell her they cannot advocate that kind of treatment and why? Because they are owned by big Pharma. So I support you all the way Mr Vale! it’s time for big changes x

  50. Very well said and I look forward to reading your blog, I know it will make a lot of sense and if peoples feathers are ruffled, that’s exactly what needs to happen

  51. I totally agree, the NHS itself needs fixing, it is sick, dead and dying from the total misuse of funds for problems that are self inflicted by people and their lifestyles. We are now in a culture where it is everyone else’s. fault they are ill and not there own, I talking about illness that is caused by lifestyle only

  52. Well said Jason as we have issues in the USA as well when it comes to people not taking responsibility for their health. Everyone wants the magic bullet. People think prevention is a boring topic-to be set aside till the alarm goes off and something goes wrong but, little do they know that Prevention is Power.

  53. Great news some one in the know giving the facts keep it up Jason

  54. As a GP I completely agree Jason

  55. So glad to see your blog, Jason!! Being in the US we certainly have our own problems wi health insurance! I hear you though! Looking forward to all your thoughts and rants on issues! Thanks for all you do to help people with their health issues! When will you bring your health spa to America?? I’m 70. So don’t take too long please! ❤️

  56. TOTALLY agree and have thought so for ages!

  57. Hi jason

    I totally agree in what you have said so far the NHS was for the needy in the past and still should be now a lot of people can help themselves but simple do not.

    I look forward to the debate

  58. looking forward to your blogs and vlogs… i’m about to start the 28 day superjuice me in the next 2 weeks and love absolutely everything I am reading in my research and am super excited to get started and give myself the shake up I need 🙂

  59. Jason, well done! Love this. It is so refreshing to have someone who is not scared to voice loudly their views. Looking forwarding to reading more and getting stuck into the debate as well.

  60. Shout it out JV. YOU are the role model needed to provide evidence for your argument. I so very much agree with you and look forward to the full blog. But keeping healthy is hard work and time consuming and many people seem to be so lazy, wanting to be spoon fed their health while they sit, exercising their digits on their media devices. It’s a brave new world full of an attitude of entitlement. Education required

  61. Hi guys can I add this to the debate. Jason you rightly say pay something ourselves if you can. I have paid for BUPA for my family for years which is quite costly however means that I don’t drawn NHS resources.

    My question which I would. Love to hear a response to is why can’t the government encourage this by giving tax relief on subscriptions. This would encourage more to use BUPA (and equivalents) and I don’t know for sure, however I guess could be paid for by the resulting reduction in use of NHS.

    Amy views?

  62. Hi Jason,
    I think your perspective is crucial to the future of our society. The NHS institute as you describe is exactly that IMHO – for example – a close family relative recently became very rapidly and extremely ill. She needed surgery within hours to survive. The paramedics were there within 20 mins. She was in surgery within a few hours administration having been seen and assessed and tested and with a clear plan for the management of her treatment. This was not private treatment, but NHS treatment. She is now in the recovery stages of her treatment and yes, – it’s early days, – but I think this is a good example of what the original set up was designed for and it certainly gave me very (originally sceptical) new hope but at the same time a very STRONG reminder of the duty we owe ourselves to manage our own health. The simplicity of maintaining one’s own health is sometimes very lost because of – sadly – the society we have (unintentionally) become a bit of slave to. Your perspective is really empowering and I am going to make it MY PERSONAL MISSION to shout this out to my social circle and see what positively unravels…. 🙂 … My sister is the girlfriend of the son who’s mother is in the hospital as we speak. After a full day prior of finding her (the mother) in a bad way and her administration my sister came home during the night and was exhausted. So I made her my first ever JV juice after flicking through what I thought she would like and need – I found “ginger ninja” in the 5:2 for energy, had a very amateur go at the new juicer. She had to go back to the hospital but managed the juice before she left and sent me a message earlier thanking me for the marvellous “elixir” that made her feel so much better. 🙂 Her boyfriend (the son of the ill mother) suffers from so many issues there isn’t space to write it but its become my mission to pursue him to try your plans as I strongly believe he may never need another NHS appointment. 🙂 I would be so interested to hear what you might suggest for another big NHS issue (currently affecting my mother) – Thyroid conditions. The debate about whether or not to take Thyroxine, and what, if anything(!) can help the management of the underachieve thyroid. She desperately doesn’t want to take Thyroxine and I strongly believe she doesn’t need to with proper diet and lifestyle management. I know its a very complex system, but I would love to know if you know of further reading about this so I can try and help her through juicing. 🙂 Clare (London, Kent) x

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