Jason Gets On His Juice Box!

Jason Gets On His Juice Box!

Welcome to what I’m hoping will be a regular feature on my blog –  me getting on my Juice Box (it’s like a soapbox, but juicier!)

The reason for this is because I am getting more and more frustrated and increasingly fed up with the latest surge in new Insta health & fitness bloggers/vloggers who are using their social platforms to spout utter nonsense about health, whilst attacking juicing and, in particular, myself.

Throughout the twenty years I have been doing this, I’ve become used to getting battered by the ill-informed and usually just let it ride. However, there are now more and more of these social media ‘health experts’ posting utter mistruths yet presenting them as ‘facts’, that I feel it’s time to have a right to reply. Let me kick off with a recent post that has triggered me to get on my Juice Box in defence;

This is a perfect example of the headline-grabbing nonsense I’m talking about. What he wrote under this picture was what I have come to expect from many of the uniformed instagram gang;

To which I replied

to which he followed with;

I responded with…absolutely nothing at all. Mainly because I was busy that night and there’s no way I could have possibly got across what I really wanted in the short space Instagram allows.

Clearly his post pushed all the right buttons and he got the exact reactions he wanted from his loyal followers. Comments like, “F**k yes, tell it like it is” and “Great post mate, can’t get enough of these comparisons!!” Such comments are great for his ego and no doubt gave him the significance he clearly craved that day. However, as I alluded to in my original response to him, and what I want to make really clear here – he hadn’t actually read the book he was so confidently condemning. I know! So, this aggressive and expletive headline-grabbing post is all focused on a book he hasn’t even read. That’s like me giving a review of a film I had only seen the poster for!

The greatest irony of all is when he goes on to say, “My goal is to provide people with facts…” Yes, he did say ‘facts’. I am unsure how you can provide people with fact-based information when you haven’t even read the subject matter but hey, what do I know?

In his first post, he commented on my 5-day juice diet;

“But what happens 5 days after that?, 5 weeks after?, 5 years? Nothing, because nothing sustainable is learned. You still don’t know how to control weight by eating normal food. You are still unaware of WHY you are overweight”

It’s almost impossible to know where to start here, due to the sheer absurdity of what this guy has posted. This is why I don’t usually bother replying because it’s just too ridiculous for words. Unfortunately, many of his followers will no doubt believe this crap, assuming (understandably) that he’s done his homework and therefore basing his argument on ‘fact’. Which is why I’ve had to say something and why I feel compelled to set the record straight. Otherwise, my approach, the approach that may just turn someone’s life around, will be ignored all because of this so called ‘expert’.

First up, let’s deal with the, “nothing sustainable has been learned” comment. If you have read the book under fire, or indeed any of my books for that matter, you will know that one of the main things I deal with, in quite some detail, is what to do after an initial kick-start juice diet. It is one of the most important things I teach and is one of the reasons why so many people go on to turn their health around after following one of my programs (and that is a fact!).

There are many who argue (as he has tried to), that a juice diet isn’t sustainable, but who said it was? Who has ever said you can live on nothing but juices or blends every day for the rest of your life? I certainly haven’t. My juice/blend plans are a short-term kick start which can act, when followed properly and when all the information is actually read, as a real catalyst for positive lifelong diet and health changes.

What tends to happen when anyone follows one of my juice/blend plans, is that your cravings usually change massively by the end. Meaning the vast majority of people (especially those who actually read my books or watch my coaching videos), crave good nutritious food come the end of their juice experience. Despite this fact thefitnesschef ended his insta post with;

The utterly ill-informed, spouting claptrap like this really gets my goat. Once again, he uses language like ‘poorly advised’ and ‘misleading’ – this from a guy who, lets’ not forget, has totally ripped apart a book he hasn’t even read (have I mentioned that yet? You know the fact he hasn’t read the book?) I mean, that’s not at all ‘poorly advised’ or ‘misleading’ to his followers at all! He also finishes with,

“We should be better than this. We should be educated.”

Oh, the irony once again. Comments like, “it won’t kick-start anything remotely meaningful” simply illustrates his sheer lack of research into my work and this subject. I don’t have time here to share the thousands who have seen long-term changes through juicing, but here’s a few examples. @thefitnesschef please meet Niki;

Niki, successfully completed my 7-Day Juice Challenge. She went on to follow the after plan as advised, and has gone on to drop 40lbs – she looks and most importantly feels amazing. But clearly this isn’t anything ‘remotely meaningful’. So, moving on, say hello to Neil;

Neil, kicked off the healthy lifestyle he now leads by reading my 7-Day Juice Challenge book. As a result, he has gone on to drop over 70lbs, his IBS has gone, he’s now asthma free and runs marathons, but again ‘nothing meaningful’ clearly so let’s forget him and meet Charlie Green;

Charlie is six stone lighter (that’s 84lbs! lost). Her skin is a million times better as you can clearly see from the pictures she kindly sent in, but again yes ‘nothing meaningful’! Oh, go on then, one more! Meet Emma;

Emma, is seven stone lighter (98lbs!) and as you can see, her transformation is huge. However, no evidence of ‘significant long term change’ or anything ‘meaningful’.

I have had thousands of these stories sent to me over the years from people who have completed one of my short-term juice diets, followed the long-term advice given, and gone on to achieve monumental changes with regards to their weight and overall health. I wish I had space to print them all but they would take up several magazines. This is why I get so frustrated when people like thefitnesschef post complete and utter nonsense without doing their research. It’s stupid at best and incredibly harmful at worst.

Now, it’s bad enough when regular Insta users spout misleading and false information, but when you have Insta doctors doing the same thing, it makes the matter even worse.


January is usually the time when certain people start criticising anyone using the word ‘detox’, but doctors and dieticians in particular seem to get a little bit shirty! Indeed, @thefitnesschef – in the example post at the start of this blog – uses a picture of a liver opposite a picture of my book to illustrate that it’s the various organs that ‘detox’ the body and not things like juices. A belief that is shared by @thefoodmedic as communicated in her January post earlier this year;

What people like Dr. Hazel Wallace (aka @thefoodmedic) and @thefitnesschef don’t seem to understand, is that I agree with them on this matter! Juices themselves, don’t ‘detox’ the body, it is the organs that do the ‘detoxing’. However, what I would argue is, that those organs often can’t cope with the sheer volume of rubbish they have to deal with on a daily basis and for that reason, are completely unable to keep up. I was covered from top to toe in psoriasis and eczema, was badly asthmatic, smoked 2/3 packets of cigarettes a day, drank shed loads of alcohol daily and was as big as a house – clearly my organs weren’t exactly keeping up with all the ‘detoxing’! When I stopped putting rubbish into my body and had only freshly extracted juices for a while, it gave my organs a chance to catch up and do their job effectively. So I agree, juices per-say don’t ‘detox’ the body, but by stopping the excess of rubbish and feeding your cells what they are biologically designed to thrive on, gives your organs the space to do what they are designed to do – detox.

My incredible mother smoked heavily and ended up being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. If the lungs are capable of doing ‘all the detoxing’ for you, then why isn’t she still here? She’s not here because the lungs can only do so much cleaning every day. If the workload exceeds capacity, then clearly a price will eventually be paid. I can breathe naturally, but if someone lightly squeezes my throat, my body is then unable to function as it normally would. The moment they ease off the the squeeze, I can breathe normally again. In the same way, ease off the copious amounts of junk going in and you’ll allow your system to ‘breathe’, or ‘detox’ once again.

The other main issue is how people can get so caught up on a particular word, especially when the general meaning of that word has, without question, changed over the years. If you were to ask people what ‘going on a detox’ means to them, the vast majorority would answer ‘a period of time where you avoid junk foods and drinks and put some goodness inside you’. So, when someone says they are ‘going on a juice detox’, the vast majoroty of people understand that to mean living on nothing but fresh juice for a week and not having any rubbish. Not many actually think that ‘juicing removes toxins’, as is often argued by those apposed to anyone using the word. I tried to explain this to Dr. Hazel (foodmedic) when I replied to her post;

I thought it was a polite response, showing I was on the same side and that I agree with a lot of the ‘detox’ claims. For example, ‘detox’ patches and teas, are clearly BS and frustrate me as much as they do people like Dr. Hazel. I thought I had made a good case for myself, especially given the very little space you have on Instagram. However, clearly I was wrong when she replied with;

Oh good Lord, where do I start? I think the sentence,

“I am well aware there is an obesity epidemic but the answer is not through fad diets which serve no long term benefit, lead to poor digestion, encourage disordered eating, and put people at risk of nutritional deficiencies – not to mention the impact on mental health”

is a good place to start. Once again, like so many of the critics critiques of juicing, she calls it a ‘fad’ which serves no ‘long-term benefits’. Well Dr. Hazel please meet Kelly Gill;

Kelly is now asthma free, IBS free, epilepsy free and excess weight free. What part of her story is a ‘fad’ or ‘serves no long-term benefits’? The irony is Dr. Hazel’s comments about my juice plans leading to poor digestion and encouraging disordered eating. Kelly had IBS before she started juicing but now doesn’t. So how has juicing caused poor digestion? She had poor digestion before, not after! Dr. Hazel also mentions juicing will “encourage disordered eating”, but it was disordered eating that caused her to become ill in the first place! Dr. Hazel even goes on to say that juicing will negatively impact mental health, yet Kelly is so much happier since she started juicing.

While I am here Dr. Hazel, please also meet Hannah,

Hannah, like so many people, was often told by medical ‘professionals’ that diet plays no part in skin conditions. I was told this too when I was covered from head to toe in psoriasis. The thing is, when someone tells you this, it takes away the most valuable of all healing commodities – hope. If a Dr. tells you you’re wasting your time by changing your diet, most take it as gospel and therefore don’t even think to try. It’s cool to lather yourself in steroid cream and burn your skin to smithereens, but whatever you do, don’t even entertain the idea that changing what you put into your body can help. When you look at Hannah’s pictures you can almost feel just how painful her skin was. Since changing her diet and incorporating juicing, she is psoriasis free and looks and feels like a different person. Can you imagine what this has done for her mental health? Her confidence? I know personally because I am also now free of this condition and it will be immeasurable. So, you are right Dr. Hazel, juicing has indeed had an impact on her mental health, but not a negative one. Oh, and also while I’m here Dr. Hazel please meet Kelvin,

Kelvin did three weeks on juices and blends and dropped 13kg (28lb) but far more importantly, his extremely debilitating Crohn’s disease has massively improved. He has been eating normally (well his new normal as it was his old normal that made him fat and ill) for two weeks now and I have, literally as I write this, received an email from him. Talk about timing! This is without doubt the perfect place to share it;

“Hi Jason well I’ve been home for two weeks now and still can’t find the right words to say to you, so hear goes. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and my amazing wife and kids. You have given me a new life that my wife and kids can now enjoy. I’m up in the morning instead of being bed bound for days at a time I’m down to 2-4 tabs a day and in no pain whatsoever and owe that all to you. You are a kind and very special man and save lives every day people come to your retreat which is a very special place and will always have a very, very special place in my heart. I’ve been back two weeks I’m still training, juicing and making beautiful soups. I’m doing real well and thank you just doesn’t feel enough for what you’ve done for me and my family. THANKS again and hope to see you very soon, LOVE YOU ALL kelvin x”

It’s worth pointing out that Kelvin was on 450 tablets a month and has reduced this to around 80. As a doctor, I would hope that Dr. Hazel would welcome such an incredible reduction in medication, and the undoubted savings made to the NHS.

As mentioned, I could fill this entire magazine (and another fifty) with testimonials from people whose lives have changed dramatically after an initial juice ‘detox’ diet (yes I hope using the word ‘detox’ has once again rattled some pedantic cages!). This is why I get so frustrated when people slag off juicing, as it can prevent the people who really need help, from trying something really simple to help themselves. We need to remember we aren’t just talking weight loss here; we are talking about providing the body with the space and correct nutrients tools to repair. We also need to understand that different approaches work for different people because we are of course different. All the juice naysayers do is cause potential harm by putting people off trying this approach, especially doctors as people tend to listen to them more than the lay person, even if they are wrong (as they were for years with the advice to avoid fat at all costs and increase grains).

If the headline-grabbing insta brigade actually did their research, they would see I cover food addiction, how to overcome it, what to expect when doing a juice diet and, more importantly, what to do afterwards so as not to undo the benefits they are already experiencing. The maddest thing of all is that we are talking about freshly extracted juice. The juice that comes from plant foods designed for human consumption. We’re not talking about blending bloody Pringles!

We are in the crazy situation where if you tell someone you’re going on a juice diet they ask if you’ve check with your GP first, yet tell them you’re going to Vegas on a blow out and no one bats an eyelid.

This madness needs to end and in my next, Jason On His Juice Box I will cover the other crazy arguments about juicing, which are of course, ‘what about the sugar?’ and ‘what about the fibre’. Both of which I cover in my 5 Day Juice Challenge book that thefitnesschef publically chastised (you know, the one he didn’t actually read…..just in case you missed that point earlier).

I have so much more to say, but not the time or the space. But fear not, if you are on my YouTube channel (Juice Tube) then by the time you read this I should be well on the way with my Jason On His Juice Box vlog where I get my right to reply to a lot of the nonsense spouted about juicing and other things. You will see me bringing this blog to life on there.

What I find a shame is that I actually like Dr. Hazel, I have read her book and follow her on Instagram. She usually gives good, sound advice. She’s fit, knows her stuff but unfortunately went on the attack and made such false accusations about what happens when people do a juice diet. I agree there are some terrible juice plans out there with no aftercare advice, but that’s not the work I have been doing for over twenty years.

These instagrammers have a huge voice, a voice that just didn’t exist when I first started out. A voice that we all dreamed of having back in the day. I just wish they’d use it to attack the real villains, those that are making people fat and ill – the junk food and drink industry along with many aspects of Big Pharma. We can attack each other till the cow’s come home, but our energy needs to go to the cause of the problem, not the people trying to help.

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel, hope to see you over there……until next time……

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